Dog wows the crowd when she sings Whitney Houston hit on TV talent show

I am aware dogs have all sort of talents and skills, but I’ve never thought they can actually sing. However, this dog proves me I am wrong. Meet Xena, the singer dog.

This isn’t something I’d expect to see on a talent show, but I loved it! Xena the dog walked onstage on the TV show Belgium’s Got Talent and charmed the audience and judges with her rendition of Whitney Houston’s hit cover ‘I Will Always Love You’.

Her owners, Mick Depreytere, 32, and Daphnee Naessens, 28, from Ostend, Belgium explained to HLN that they bought Xena when she was just 12 weeks old.

It was when they took her to a cafe which was playing the Whitney Houston song that they discovered her talent. “When Xena heard the sound of the song, she began to cry. It was really weird,” Mr Depreytere said.

And what a performance she managed to display, leaving both the judges and the crowd shocked. But more than that, Xena made waves on social media too. All after her incredible performance went viral gaining almost 250 million views.

I really think she’s a natural. She certainly knows when to hit the high notes. Watch the incredible video bellow!

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