Dog Strikes Statue-like Pose When He Sees Tiny Intruder At His Home

When it comes to alerting his mother to potential trouble in the vicinity, this dog possesses a remarkable technique that stands out. True to his nature, he assumes a pointing stance, capturing everyone’s attention.

In a delightful and amusing video shared by @vanja_patlach, the dog is perched on the roof of a shed, fixated on the top of a nearby stairwell. His stillness and unwavering focus on his duty give him an almost statue-like appearance.

Interestingly, another dog stands motionless at the base of the stairs, gazing upwards with equal intensity. As the camera pans up to reveal the object of their attention, viewers are pleasantly surprised to find a cat peering down.

The dog’s actions elicited laughter from the viewers. One person humorously remarked, “Ever vigilant for a feline, a formidable foe; haha.” Another made a playful guess at the dog’s breed, stating, “Well, it’s quite evident that he is a pointer.”

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