Sneaky dog runs off to neighbor’s every day – throws tantrum when mom picks her up

Both kids and pups are truly a blessing. They not only seem to be sharing some special connections, but also have lots of similarities. With no doubt, there’s an utter joy to spend time with them. Nevertheless, there are also times when kids will pout, stamp their feet, and scream like the end of the world is coming and there is nowhere to hide. And guess what!? Apparently dogs are no different.

Let’s take Daisy May, for example. She’s a boxer with plenty of personality and a very adventurous nature. And while for her, being like that brings nothing but troubles, for her mom things are a little bit different. After all, what can be more hilariously than a dog throwing some attitude.

You see, Daisy got a special routine – she loves to run off to the neighbors. Every single day! Nothing unusual so far, especially for a pup with an adventurous spirit, only her mom – Brittany Young, has to take her care, drive there and pick her sneaky dog up. And here comes the funny part (definitely not for Daisy).

When mommy comes to take her back, the adorable dog is anything but happy. In fact, all the way back home she turns herself into a scenes maker. As soon as she gets into the (which, by the way requires a little bit of persuasion by Brittany) she starts to give her mom her attitude. Thankfully, Brittany is very patient and she tries to explain to her furry baby that her place is back home with her little brother Mac.

“You know you’re not supposed to be here,” the woman can be heard. “This isn’t your house!” Apparently her attempts to convince Daisy to stop running off are unsuccessful. At least the result is an adorable, viral and a very hilarious footage. Take a look:

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