Dog’s Original ‘Kodo’ Freestyle Heelwork Performance Impresses Audience

At the esteemed Crufts Dog show held in the UK, a remarkable Border Collie named Kotetsu and his devoted human partner, Tetsuro Ito, captivated the audience with a truly extraordinary performance. Fusing the rich tapestry of Japanese traditions with the art of freestyle heelwork, the duo presented a one-of-a-kind spectacle coined “Kodo,” meaning “heartbeat.”

Despite eight years of rigorous training, it was their inaugural appearance at Crufts. Tetsuro confessed that initially, performing in front of an audience was not his cup of tea. However, dancing alongside Kotetsu has transformed that sentiment into pure joy. The routine seamlessly weaves elements of Bojutsu, a martial art employing stick fighting techniques, into the choreography, adding an extra layer of flair. Kotetsu exudes an infectious exuberance, clearly relishing every moment on stage. His unwavering eagerness to please shines through, while Tetsuro and Kotetsu revel in their shared delight, evident in their synchronized performance.

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