Dog instantly flips out when he sees himself on the news

A dog being enthusiastic when seeing its owner, even after a couple of minutes, it’s one thing, but when a pup became extremely ecstatic when he watch himself it’s definitely a little bit narcissistic, don’t you think? Well, narcissistic or not, this pup in Louisiana is literally loosing his mind when he watch himself on the news!

However, Bronn became an internet sensation long before making the headlines of the locals news outlets, and not because of some show he got into, but due to his gentleness and affection he showed to his 7-month-old human brother, Liam.

A couple of weeks ago, Angela Lally Labat shared a heartwarming footage of his little boy sharing some absolutely adorable moments with the family’s furry member, Bronn. The short video went directly to the people’s hearts and it’s no wonder why.

But Angela’s Facebook friends weren’t the only ones touched by the lovely scenes. The video also caught the attention of a local news station, so they decided to air it on TV. Of course, Angela received the enthusiasm, but she wasn’t even close to the Bronn’s reaction. So she decided to film the pup’s reaction when watching himself on TV.

The moment he realizes it’s actually he and his little fella on that big screen, Bronn completely flips out. Have a look:

h/t: Facebook

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