Dolphin creates sand circle and waits. Seconds later camera captures incredible ocean phenomenon

Dolphins look like the happiest animals on Earth and they seem to never grow out of  their happy-go-lucky behavior, and this might be the reason we love them so much.  Anyway, no matter how cool and playful these animals seem to be, they also have a dark side we know so less about. In this video we’ll find out what secret is hidden by dolphins when they aren’t being so sweet and cute.

No matter how cute and amazing the dolphins are, like all animals they need to eat. When they live in sea parks, the things are pretty easy for them as they are hand-fed their meals, but out there, in the middle of the wildness this wonderful creatures must get their food through the old fashioned way and that’s by hunting for it.  Anyway, the dolphins are very intelligent animals, so instead of chasing their prey like lions or or other predators, bottlenose dolphins came up with a brilliant solution.

The video below shows a dolphin that at first looks like is having an unusual behavior. It’s actually a female what’s fluttering her tail against the base of a shallow ocean bed as she swims in a circle. But this clever girl is not just playing around, because the ring of sediment and mud she’s excavating is actually the perfect fishing net. And after she sets up her trap, the clueless fish do all the work  for her.

In the video bellow you can see why are the dolphins called the masters of meal planning!

h/t: FaithTap

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