Dolphin wipes out Australian paddle boarder, with perfectly timed jump

Dolphins are known as very intelligent creatures. However, while we’re used with them being gentle, this guy in Australia just experienced the meaner side of the marine mammals.

Andrew was paddling off the coast of Western Australia when a pod of dolphins were heading toward him. ‘Nothing to worry about,’ the man might said, until this playful dolphin wiped him out. Despite being sent flying into the water, the surfer was actually pretty excited about the encounter. He even joked about it.

“One of them for some reason decided to jump out of the water and took me out quite well,” Andrew told 7 News Sydney.”It was a fairly legal hit in the shoulder I think… Hats off to him he connected with me really well.”

However, this isn’t the first time when a dolphin is interacting with a human of such a manner. A year ago, a surfer in Australia was sitting on his board off Duranbah Beach, Australian coast, when a dolphin hit him out of nowhere.

“I knew that he realized he’s got to do something, too,” Sam Yoon told the 9NEWS. “I looked up and thought, ‘F*** this, there’s no way I can get away from this.’”

“They communicated to each other that every time I’m paddling, they’re coming, they’re supposed to jump, they were getting away from me,” he added.

And the dolphin collision don’t stop here!

According to the Huff Post, another dolphin leaped on paddle-boarder Matt Minich off a southern California beach. Matt was filming a group of dolphins while playing, when suddenly one of them jump right on the paddle-boarder.

“If he hadn’t done that I think we would have made full-body contact,” Minich told The Huffington Post. “He may have saved my life with his action.”

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