Dreamlike castle-like contemporary homes

Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle with modern-day amenities and beautifully landscaped  grounds and lush greenery? Well, some have already put this bold idea into practice. The spellbinding buildings may be labelled as “estates” or even “houses,” but they are actually real castles. Most of them come complete with swimming pools, elevators, wine cellars and movie theaters.

  1. This gorgeous Californian six-bedroom home features twelve baths, two swimming pools and two sports courts in Hillsborough.
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  3. Located in St Helena, this four-bedroom white palace features a two-story library and an elevator.
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  5. This stone-walled residence, situated in Portola Valley, California, was built in 1912 and recently renovated. It includes a pool, a guest house and a boccie court.
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  7. This family five-bedroom home in Lewisville features a rock waterfall in a backyard swimming pool.
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  9. This North-Carolina four-bedroom sits on 90 acres os prime land with its own lake, a 14-stall stable for horseback riding and a fenced in pasture.
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  11. Tucked away on a shore of Florida, along St Augustine, is equipped with a wine-cellar and a two-car garage.
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  13. This castle located in Marengo, Illinois comprises four bedrooms each its own bathrooms and is valued at a little over one million dollars.
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  15. Combining Gothic arches and Tuscan finishes, this castle home is nestled on a sought-sfter private street in Barton Creek in Austin, Texas. The luxuries amenities include a 9-car garage, 7 fireplaces, a huge swimming pool, a 1,500-bottle wine cellar and what not.
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  17. This modern three-bedroom castle-inspired residence is situated in Los Angeles and is worth around $20 million.
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  19. At the edge of Chicago, in Oak Brook, Illinois there is this 18-inch thick-walled home consisting of five bedrooms, an elevator and 12 skylights.
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