Dreamy bedroom getaways

1. This nature inspired bedroom is painted celery green and its main piece, the bed, is flanked by bedside tables with sconces and mirrors.The windows have been treated in a fabric with cherry blossom pattern, thus rendering an airy feel, and privacy is provided by woven blinds.

2. Both practical and fanciful, the design of this room is meant for an imaginative young girl. The advantage of the bay window lies in providing room for a custom desk and plenty of storage. The fuchsia fabric of the curtains flanking the bed and of the upper part of the bay window mathches with the fuchsia panels.
3. This very masculine-looking bedroom featuring aluminium, charcoal, blue and borown colors combined with modern furnishings and state-of-the-art gadgets, is suitable for a teenager boy.The funky rolled steel wallpaper contributes textures to the whole space.
4. The four-poster bed which comes with natural fabric linens and pillows is positioned in front of a tropical sky mural and next to it there is a lounge area complete with and a love seat and two neuter-shaded armchairs which are pulled together with an astonishing carpet.
5. The warm cabin-like vibe of this bedroom is due to the wallnut floor, dark cabinets and woven grass window treatment. The bed features a velvet headboard and organic bedding and toss pillows.


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