Duck robs cat of his treats – cat’s revenge has internet dying of laughter

They say a dog is a man’s best friend. This may be true for most people, but it is certainly not so for this man. His best friend is none other than his clever cat, who leads him on wild escapades. This dog-less man’s life is just as full of love and excitement as if he had a puppy for a pet.

Aaron adopted his cat, Michael, when he was just a little kitten. The two met in New York City, but they later moved to Los Angeles. Since their relocation to the warmer coast, the two have shared in some crazy adventures.

Aaron loves to shoot videos of Michael on his daily exploits. It all began when Aaron agreed to rabbit-sit for a friend. As he tended to the rabbit, he noticed that Michael had a short temper. The cat was jealous of the rabbit! Aaron thought it was hilarious, so he took a video. That was the beginning of an era.

In his videos, Aaron re-imagines the life of his cat. Simple moments become hilarious, dramatic quests. This time, Michael’s food was taken right out from under his nose. Aaron knew his cat wanted revenge, so he planned the perfect mission for his feline friend.

Aaron and Michael are enjoying a sunny day by sitting on a park bench and eating some Goldfish. Michael stares suspiciously at the flock of ducks standing near the water. Michael tries to pull the Goldfish bag closer to him, but something goes wrong. One moment everything is fine; the next, Michael is treat-less and looking to Aaron for help.

The cat makes a daring attempt to win back the snacks by himself. He jumps bravely into the pond after the ducks, but he instantly realizes that he absolutely hates water! Is Michael out of luck?

Aaron would never let his best friend be a victim of such robbery. He immediately comes up with an ingenious plan to help Michael take back what is his: using simple park objects, Aaron constructs a jet-ski of sorts. With a boogie board for a base, a lawn chair for a seat, and a leaf blower for an engine, this machine is ready to help Michael take his revenge.

The ducks scatter as Michael leaps over the grassy hill on his new pile of equipment. The feline flies into the water, using his cat reflexes to stay atop the raft. As he zips through the flock, a huge grin dominates Michael’s face. He will win this round.

Michael glides across the water and grabs the bag of Goldfish. The ducks have all dispersed. It is unclear what they are more afraid of: a cat who can traverse water, or the loud sound of a leaf blower rushing toward them. Either way, Michael has what he came for.

As the cat coasts back to land, Aaron celebrates his friend’s victory. These two are a dynamic duo. Aaron’s incredible creativity is only matched by Michael’s brilliant bravery. This is one kooky scheme, and watching it is sure to brighten up your day.

This comical tale is only one of many. Aaron and Michael are constantly expanding their boundaries together, and the result is always hilarious.

Watch it for yourself here:


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