Ed Sheeran’s security guard has an Instagram, and it’s better than his boss’s

Since 2015, when he started to became popular, Ed Sheeran decided to hire a security guard. The British pop singer is well know across the globe, but recently it seems that is personal bodyguard is starting to grab the attention of the internet.

Kevin Myers, the man who’s keeping safe the famous singer has created an Instagram account where he trolls the pop star in a lot of posts. Using the user name @securitykev, Kevin has already reached 493,000 followers after he joined the Instagram just days ago, on 7th of April.

Describing his boss as his “bae,” Kev is consistently posting funny and embarrassing photos of Ed. Scroll down to find out why the singer is already calling his bodyguard the “champion of Insta!”















Source: securitykev/Instagram


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