Elephant herd works together to rescue baby trapped in irrigation canal

Elephants are incredibly intelligent, sensitive and social creatures. These majestic creatures live in herds, lead by the oldest female of the group, also known as matriarch. All the members of the group are working together to find food and hater. But what makes them so special is their unique way to take care of each other. And when it comes to their babies, the overprotective elephants show a self sacrifice unseen to other wild species, even if there’s a calf from a different herd. And this touching footage is the perfect proof.

A baby elephant got trapped in a an irrigation canal in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Scared, he was desperately called for its mother, whose efforts to set the calf free were in vain. As the things wasn’t bad enough already, a group of lions felt the opportunity and gathered there. The baby’s fate looked already sealed, when another herd was approaching the water through. It could could easily got injured by the thirsty herd, but they had other intentions.

It’s when something unbelievable happened. The herd’s matriarch female, approached the scared baby and she started to pry him out of the canal, while other members were keeping the little one’s mom away from not interfering. Maybe, because they felt she could have panicked and ruined the whole operation. Moments later, the calf was finally free and the matriarch lead him to his mother. And you can see just how relieved she was to be reunited with her beloved baby again.

The touching footage shows, once again, if necessary, just what incredible, loving and complex creatures, elephants are!

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