Emperor penguins take accidental selfie after finding camera in Antartica

When it comes to hilarious scenes, animals definitely know how to cheer things up. But while we got used with dogs or cats to provide funny moments, apparently wild animals are pretty much the same. And these two emperor penguins have recently proved it.

I’ve always thought that cats are the most curious creatures of the animal kingdom, but I think I was wrong, because these two penguins’ curiosity lead to one of the most ridiculous wildlife scenes I ever seen.

When the Antarctic expeditioner Eddie Gault left his camera on the icy ground, he hoped to catch so rare sights. But instead he got some penguins’ selfies. The hilarious scene happened at the Auster Rookery near Australia’s Mawson research station – one of the largest emperor penguin rookery in the world. Driven by curiosity, two penguins approached Eddie’s camera and started to record themselves.

“Penguin selfie offers bird’s eye view of life in Antarctica!”the Australian Antarctic Division wrote on Twitter. “Curious Emperors have been captured on film at the Auster Rookery near Australia’s Mawson research station by expeditioner Eddie Gault.”

Seen as one of the cutest creatures, the emperor penguins are some of the most though animals on Earth. They live and breed during the worst weather conditions on our planet.

h/t: antartica | nine

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