ER doctor performs CPR on stray cat to save her life – now they’re inseparable

Doctors are nothing but angels, because they’re always there when we need them the most. But their kindness doesn’t spread only to human beings, but animals as well. And this story is the purrfect proof.

For a white stray cat in Istanbul was necessary an accident to meet her lifetime companion. The kitten tried to wonder into the Özel Akgün Tem Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, to seek for help. But her visit attempt has turned into a dramatic adventure, that almost cost its life. While trying to get into the hospital through the revolving front door, a man was getting out of the facility. Unfortunately he didn’t noticed the little creature, so she got stuck between the door jamb and the glass panel.

Unable to breath, the kitten was in a desperate situation. But the staff at the Özel Akgün hospital immediately rushed to help her, including ER doctor Halil Akyürek. As the cat was lying unconscious, the kind doctor started to perform life saving techniques on her.

“The cat’s neck was totally stuck,” Akyürek told the local news outlet Haber Turk. “She was struggling and having trouble breathing. I put my hand on the back of her head and properly removed her from the door. We immediately began CPR.”

Thankfully, the doc’s efforts were rewarded as the little cat started to breath again. Then he consulted a vet to find out what kind of medication to administrate her. Later the staff and the hero doctor thought for a name to the stray kitten, and what a better name than ‘Miracle’ would have been more fitting!

However, that wasn’t the only miracle of the day. After saving her life, Akyürek knew there was only one proper ending for that day – a happy one. The doctor decided to adopt Miracle. Now the two are inseparable!

h/t: boredpanda | thedodo

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