Escape’s upgraded tiny home can support families and guests off the grid

Have you ever imagine that a whole family could sleep together in a trailer home? And we’re talking about the both parents and four kids. More than that, there’s enough space for the grandparents too. And why not, two friends of your children. Well, this dream came true with Escape’s new upgraded trailer, Traveler XL Limited. With no more than 344 square feet, this adorable tiny home can fit all those guests in beds, without any problem.

Source: Escape Traveler

The secret of this snug fit is the secondary loft bedroom. Located on top of the main bedroom, it is equipped with two twin beds. So it would comfortably fit four kids. As for the parents, they could have a well sleep bellow. Here, a queen-size bed leaves the sensation of being in a five star hotel. Regarding the other four guests, there’s plenty of space in the additional storage area. Right on top of the bathroom, there’s a pull-out couch who fit hem all. Not so comfortable as the master bathroom, but nice and beautiful as a temporary solution.

Source: Escape Traveler

Anyway, Traveler XL Limited is not only for sleep in. These adorable trailer is fully equipped. All you need you can find inside. From a full-size kitchen to a bathroom. More than that, there’s also a refrigerator and an ice maker.

Comparing to the original edition, there are many upgrades at the Traveler XL Limited. Most of them on bedrooms. For example, there’s more space in the cupboards above the sink. Optionally, the customers may add more storage space into the bathroom. You can also opt for a dryer.

Source: Escape Traveler

The living room can also fit a TV or a Blu-ray player. The standard edition also came with a dining room table. Inside the main bedroom you’ll find USB ports. So in case you need to charge your cellphone or other devices, this won’t be a problem. The trailer can also be equipped with additionally water tanks.

The energy is provided by solar panels and there’s a 400 amp-hours battery storage.

This beautiful tiny homes comes with a starting price of $78,500. Depending on the options the client is about to choose, this price may vary.

This comfortable trailer give you the possibility  of going off the grid whenever you want. Watch the video bellow to take a look inside!


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