Experiencing grand outdoor dining

  1. The inviting ambience of this space is set by the old world atmosphere created by the presence of the fireplace flanked by darkwood caninets, plush leather chairs and matching round low dining table.


  1. This outdoor kitchen and dining space is a thoughtful approach to outdoor entertaining. The oversized ceiling fan ensures the coolness so necessary on hot days while the detailed molding lends the space a luxurious look.



  1. Meals being served right off the grill makes outdoor entertaining so easy in this kitchen and dining area. The stylish display of iron bar chairs and high-quality materials is framed by lush greenery. Drinks can be kept cool and food fresh in a fridge conveniently placed in the corner.



  1. All year-round entertainment is provided by this outdoor kitchen bar, with its creative mood lighting lining the ceiling, which does not impede the enjoyment of the awe-inspiring sunset scenery.



  1. Guests have the opportunity to choose any seat they like while enjoying intimate meals in this outdoor space. The space is defined by the curtains, which also add a touch of refinement and luxury.



  1. The bold design of this outdoor kitchen bar is due to the combination of black and yellow. The two ceiling fans instill stylish comfort whereas warmth is added by the neutral tones in the backsplash.


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