Family Determined To Find Their ‘Perfect’ Rescue Dog After She Runs Away

Leia’s journey began when she was rescued from a puppy mill during a raid, finding solace and love within Amanda’s caring family. As a foxhound, she quickly became an adored member of the household, bringing joy for seven blissful years. However, a life-altering event unfolded when Leia dashed away in pursuit of a scent during an inadvertent door left open while visiting a neighbor. The family embarked on an exhaustive search, plastering flyers, leveraging social media, making calls, and combing through neighborhoods, yet Leia remained elusive, leaving them disheartened.

Hope sparked three weeks later when an elderly couple, out on a drive, caught sight of Leia standing amidst the woods. Sadly, consumed by panic, the dog swiftly evaded their grasp and vanished once more. Determined not to give up, Amanda enlisted the aid of an experienced animal rescuer, strategically establishing food stations and traps in the vicinity. As weeks turned into months, anxiety mounted for Amanda, particularly with the biting cold weather creeping in. A breakthrough arrived unexpectedly when Leia was sighted in an entirely different area by an office worker. Acting swiftly, they relocated the food stations and traps, patiently staking out the surroundings.

Leia, however, remained incredibly cautious, refusing to approach the pen for weeks on end. But at long last, after a staggering 100 days of disappearance, Leia’s moment of salvation arrived as she ventured into the trap and was rescued. Amanda, seated in front of the cage, allowed Leia to familiarize herself, immersing in her scent and tender licks. In that heartwarming instant, Leia recognized her beloved mom, unleashing a resounding howl of recognition. Amanda recounted the distressing toll on Leia, having lost a significant amount of weight and bearing visible anxiety. Nevertheless, with each passing day, Leia’s condition improved, and she even grew more affectionate than before. Amanda and her family’s unwavering determination paid off, restoring Leia to her rightful place of belonging.

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