Family is robbed of Christmas presents, jewellery, and their beloved dog – all they want back is their dog

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. However, a Dallas woman returned home from work on Friday to find someone had broken in and stolen the only thing that really mattered in their home – their dog Smokey.

Diana Alvarado knew something was wrong when she entered her home and saw cupboards and draws pulled open – but felt even worse when Smokey did not come to greet her. She went room to room looking for her beloved dog, but only found more things missing.

She discovered her master bedroom window open and realized that they pried it open to enter the home. All of the Christmas presents were stolen, along with jewelry, electronics and a large piggy bank. “It looks like they took everything out through the window,” Alvarado told KHOU. “We found Christmas bows in the backyard and alley.”

Smokey, a 2-year-old American Bully, was also stolen and is all that the family wants returned. “He’s a part of our family, a very important part,” Alvarado said. “They just took a member of our family.”

Alvarado took to Facebook to make a plea and offer a reward for the safe return of Smokey. She wrote, “Today Someone broke into our house between 8:15am and 4:30pm. They stole jewelry, all our Christmas presents and MOST importantly, our dog Smokey! We are offering a $500 dollar reward for Smokey our dog. Call me at 214-450-6520. Feel free to share.”

Her generous neighbors know how much Smokey means to the family and contributed for a total reward of $2000, no questions asked. Alvarado’s daughter created “missing dog” flyers and posted them everywhere in hopes of helping to bring home their beloved dog. The family posted, “He is very playful, loves to smile and give wet kisses.”

A surveillance camera across the street from their home captured a maroon SUV and an unknown man approaching the home around 11:30am. The family appreciates all the support for the community and hopes that they will receive a Christmas miracle.

The family received a lead when a vide was posted on Instagram hours after the burglary. Sadly, Smokey is still missing. Alvarado posted an update, “The couple who had Smokey, no longer have him. They dropped him off somewhere in Balch Springs TX but could be anywhere. Please be on the look out for Smokey. $2,000 Cash Reward for Smokeys safe return, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Please call 214/450-6520.”

“I just hope that they (burglar) can find it in their heart to return Smokey,” she said. If you have any information, please contact detective Kevin at the NW Dallas Police Department 214/671-8066.

Watching the video bellow you’ll understand why dogs are the best friends for any human being!


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