Family makes sign to explain why their dog is on the roof

The reason everyone loves dogs is their ability to bright even the worst days. They offer nothing but unconditional love and always put a smile on our face. However, it’s not always peaches and cream when it comes to our beloved puppies. Sometimes their weird behavior is hard to explain.

Speaking of dogs with weird routines, this Golden Lab is definitely on the top of the list. And that’s because Huckleberry adores to spend his time on the rooftop of his home. But if his family got used with this strange behavior, the neighbors and passengers are nothing but alarmed at the unusual sight. So Huckleberry’s owner decided to wrote a ‘Don’t Be Alarmed’ note, for the passerby to make them aware there’s nothing wrong with their pup.

“We never leave him in the backyard without someone being at home. He will not jump off unless you entice him with food or a ball!” the note reads. “We appreciate your concern but please do not knock on our door… We know he’s up there! But please feel free to take pictures of him and share with the world! #hucktheroofdog.”

Since a story like this could not pass unnoticed on the internet, a Reddit post about Huckleberry’s weird routine immediately went viral with other users showing photos with their own pups acting just like the cute Labrador.

“My friends had a labrador who would climb out of their bedroom window, along a ledge, up a pitched roof, jump down onto a flat roof,” the post reads. “From there he’d jump onto the neighbours garage roof and then fling himself off the roof using their bagged rubbish as an airbag. Because he’d manage to split all their bags open, he’d eat every scrap of edible, and inedible, food they had thrown out.”

h/t: twentytwowords

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