Family wants a kitten for their lonely puppy, stray kitty finds them instead

While cats and dogs are not getting along very well, a dog owner in Brasov, Romania thought a kitten would be the best companion for his pup. And just when they were looking for a kitty to adopt, a stray little fluffy ball find its way into their home.

“We thought to adopt a cat from a local shelter so the puppy could have a friend,” Sorin Popa, the owner said. And exactly when they were about to move in their new home, Sorin’s sister called him to let him know about a stray kitten she spotted near an abandoned factory. And since Sorin was looking for a cat and the little one was in need of a home, there wasn’t a better timing.

“So there we were, new place with no furniture, no bed but a little white cat, our new family member, Abyzou,” Sorin told Love Meow. “She was abandoned and very dirty, hungry and smelled like trash. When we got her, she was very friendly and eager to be loved. ”

Next day, after a short visit to the vet, they were all nervous as the newest family member was about to be introduce to Dante, the puppy.

“The second day, they started to smell each other but kept a little distance until we filled Dante’s bowl with water, and Aby ran straight there to drink his water even though hers was full,” Sorin said.

And the meeting couldn’t went better even if they would have directed it. The little ones acted like they were knowing each other for ever. Now they are inseparable, proving cats and dogs can be very best friends.

“He wants to play with whatever the kitty is playing, and he wants to sit wherever she is sitting,” the owner told Love Meow. “If Aby is sleeping in my lap, he wants to stay in my lap, too. If she licks my hand, Dante wants to be in the action as well. They run, jump and play with each other all day until they fall asleep.”

While their activities are turning the house upside down, Sorin said he can’t get upset on them as he loves them as his own babies. “They are adorable and make our lives more beautiful and exciting. They are our joy and happiness, our amazing children.”


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Today is Dante’s birthday! 2 years of happiness!! This is a small video of this year moments!

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