Famous artist creates stunning animal portraits to raise awareness for endangered species


Sometimes hard to understand, the art is always beautiful and fascinating. It might be both inspiring and intriguing at the same time. The intensity of emotions we live while watching art pieces is always high. It’s like the time stops for a few moments and some unique experiences are happening. And that’s regardless the level of art.

Because of that, this famous Instagram artist tried to create something unique. The Swedish artist Andreas Häggkvist  took the opportunity to use his substantial art to raise extreme awareness for endangered species. His main purpose is to create that kind of emotion who could move the viewer to action.

”Just as with melodies, visual images stick with us more than just words. Using the power that art contains, there really is an opportunity for an artist to make a movement for an important cause” – Andreas says.

I certainly hope that his adorable work will make you think about what is happening on our planet!

If you enjoy his work, you can fallow him on Instagram