Fawn doesn’t want to leave the kindhearted man who saved her life

Darius Sasnauskas – a Lithuanian that lives in the United States, has always had a great fond of wildlife. Therefore, when a deer birth scene unfolded in front of his eyes, he was excited as a child of a birthday present. It happened in his backyard, not far away from Yellowstone National Park. However, the beauty of the scene was eclipsed by Mother Nature’s way.

Unfortunately, one of the two newborn fawns was injured and unable to keep it up with its family, so she was left behind . The little one’s fate seemed to be sealed, even before it had begun, but thankfully Darius turned the things around.

The newborn deer would have not stand a chance all by herself in the wild, so the kind man decided to foster her, even if he’s against keeping wild animals as pets. “The fawn was helpless,” the man told The Dodo. “She was just born earlier that day…I do not support keeping wild animals as a pets. But this was [a] special situation.”

Front then on, a hard, yet so beautiful rehabilitation process started. Darius took the helpless creature inside his house to look after her. He initially cared of her front leg injury, then he made some research about how should he feed her. Every 3-4 hours, Darius hand fed the rescue fawn with milk and sometimes he even lick her on her face just like her mom would have done. All to make the poor little thing to feel as comfortable as possible.

By the time, things started to look better and better for the baby deer. She just felt herself as home in the company of her lifesaver and his beloved pets – a dog and a cat – both befriending the rescue fawn. The once so powerless creature, the little deer has gained strength and she also made a fully recover of her injured leg.

When the time came, Darius hoped to release her back in the wild, where she belong. But the moments spent with Darius and his family didn’t passed unnoticed by the wild creature. A strong bond was between her and her hero, so instead of returning in the woods, the baby deer kept coming back to the man that gave her a second chance to live.

“Since day one I was hoping to release baby deer back to the wild,” Darius said. “I really hoped that she did not get attached to me too much, because that would make [it] very hard for her to survive in the wild.” Finally, during one day the rescue baby deer reunited with his family! “[I’ve] seen [the family] many times after release, also seen them recently in the fall.”

h/t: boredpanda

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