Fearless cat caught on camera fending off three coyotes from his backyard in LA

While for many of us dogs are the most fearless pets and they’re frequently used to guard properties, this courageous cat proves we are all wrong. All after a security camera caught on some incredible scene of him fighting off three coyotes.

Max – the brave cat, was enjoying the evening in the family’s backyard in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California, when suddenly three vicious coyotes have barged onto the property, surrounding him. But the fearless cat didn’t left his ground and fought off the unwanted visitors, instead.

The cat’s owner, Maya Gurrin was watching a movie with her husband when the stunning scene unfold. “We were watching TV and saw a tail wagging through our glass door,” Maya told CBS Los Angeles. “[We] ran to see what was going on and found Max surrounded by three coyotes. We ran outside and lunged at them, which made them scurry. Max didn’t seem phased at all.”

Later, when the the couple watched the security camera footage, they could not believe their eyes. “I couldn’t believe it. We’re still shocked,” Maya Gurrin said. “He has always been crazy. If this were to happen with any cat it would be him. You don’t see videos like that.”

h/t: CBSLosAngeles

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