Firefighter risks his life to rescue dog trapped for four days in underground pipe

This firefighters is definitely a hero, after he managed to rescue a dog stuck in an underground drainage pipe for more than four days.

The Jack Russell Terrier was walking with her owner, Gail Fraiser in Dorney, Buckinghamshire, when she felt in a disused pipe. After desperate attempts to pull her out, the owner called the RSPCA for help. The animal charity advised Gail if the dog could be heard barking the likelihood was that she would find her way out, Itv News London reported.

Anyway, there was no sign of Lulu, even she could be heard barking. Therefore, the owner knew she had to to something as the poor pup got suck and there was definitely no way out for her. So Ms Fraiser hired a digger to help her out to rescue her precious doggy.

It is when the Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue department decided to intervene. “Lulu’s owner had organized her own search, but the situation was in danger of becoming hazardous,” said firefighter Doug Gruchy. “We took the decision to carry out this rescue because of our concern for the safety of her search party as well as for Lulu’s welfare.”

It was a dramatically six-hour rescue operation. But in the end, it worth all the effort as the poor Lulu was saved. After digging 8ft bellow ground, the brave firefighters broke into the drain before freeing Lulu from her four-days of being trapped, all to the delight of her owner who cried with tears of joy when reunited with her beloved pup.

As a precaution measure, the entrance of the pipe, where the terrier felt, have been closed off to prevent other animals from becoming trap.

However, this isn’t the first time when firefighters are risking their own lives to save our beloved animals!


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