Firefighters save man’s house from Australia fires and apologize for drinking his milk

Firefighters who intervened to extinguish a home fire in Australia, have left an unusual message, stuck on a door.

Paul Sekfy discovered his house almost intact, thanks to Australian firefighters, after he was evacuated when the vegetation fires had enclosed the neighborhood where he lives. Inside the house, he discovered a message left behind by rescuers.

“It was a pleasure for us to save your home. We’re sorry we couldn’t save your sheds. P.S. We owe you some milk ”

During the firefighting operation, firefighters took a bottle of milk from Sekfy’s refrigerator, as they had not eaten all day. After completing their mission, firefighters made the decision to notify the owner, however, that they had took something from his refrigerator.

“There is no need to pay for my milk. Everything can be solved with a few beers. We lost two sheds, some equipment and a bicycle, ”said the man whose house was damaged by fire.

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