Forgotten camper left in storage for decades is a perfect time capsule from 1953

For almost 60 years, this old yellow camper sat abandoned in a field, totally ignored by the passerby. Despite its bright yellow-green color, it seems that it wasn’t attracted someone’s attention.

The owners of this gorgeous 1953 Vagabond trailer, were a couple who have been used it for a few years, before abandon it. Even if, we’re talking about an enormous vintage travel trailer, equipped in a way that makes you feel like you’re home. This tiny home on wheels have all the comforts you need.

Finally, after decades of storage, Henry Wallace’s curiosity made him to step inside. Alongside his friend Stuart, Henry was incredible surprised about the camper’s interior. Despite its age, everything was in perfect condition. The beautiful birch panels, curtains, appliances or even the light fixtures were in factory condition.

Impressed by its condition, Henry and his friend decided to take this beauty on the road, from the Florida Keys to California. In the pictures bellow you can see its amazing interior, too!



Surprisingly,  the appliances are intact and they still work! The stove, powered by propane, can also be used to cook a hot meal!

You may even take a bath inside the camper!


The bedroom has two twin, comfortable beds!

Photos source: The Wallace Foundation



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