Four children rescued from fire in south St. Louis, firefighters making heroic efforts

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Fire officials believe four children under the age of 5 who were left unattended, and were saved from a burning home by St. Louis firefighters on Thursday.
Firefighters were seen working to revive a small girl. Three children are in stable condition but one is critical.
Neighbors from Lafayette Square saw smoke just before 1 p.m. and called for help. Fire Department spokesman Garon Mosby said firefighters entered the home while it was burning and found the children, including one hiding in a closet and two in a play tent.

“Hats off to the firefighters,” Mosby said. “You walk into a room and at first glimpse there’s nobody there. You’ve got to dig deeper. And we know that children hide (during fires). Bathtubs, closets, under beds, in this case, in a tent.”

Mother of the children arrived at the scene as firefighters were there.

The blaze was in the front of the apartment in a brick building just south of downtown. The kids were found in a playroom in the back of the building.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the mother or any other adult could face charges.

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