Fox trapper gets caught in his own trap

Every year, more than four million animals are trapped for their fur in the United States. Unfortunately, that’s not all as millions more are caught in the name of “livestock” and “game” protection and for “nuisance” animal control.

Anyway, whatever the purpose is, the consequences for all those animals are the same: pain, suffering and death. Proponents argue that traps are humane and selective, and that trapping is tightly regulated, an important source of income for many people, and necessary for managing wildlife. These claims, however, are far from the truth, the Born Free USA reported.

However, in some situations karma plays its role as it happened in this case. While making a video about fox trapping, this guy got caught in his very own trap, a steel-jaw leghold trap. Needless to mention those type of traps have been declared inhumane by the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, and the National Animal Control Association, and has been banned or severely restricted by more than 80 countries and 8 U.S. states.

In any case, I really think it should be ban all types of traps. Because, despite what trappers would have you believe, animals frequently sustain severe injuries from being caught.They can suffer physiological trauma, dehydration, exposure to severe weather, and predation by other animals until the trapper returns.

h/t: whitewolf

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