Frida, the symbol of unity and hope, retired from duty

I am really sure you all know Frida, the famous rescue dog who saved 12 people during the 2017 earthquake in Mexico. Days ago, after years of loyal service, she has been released from duty during a ceremony for the International Rescuer Day.

Frida, who served in the Navy of Mexico, became famous in 2017 after a devastating earthquake in Mexico. Back then, thanks to her heroic acts 12 people have been rescued and 41 bodies recovered.

The loyal dog was also dispatched in other affected areas, over the years. She took part in finding missions in Haiti in 2010, at Pemex Tower in 2013 and in Guaranda Ecudoar in 2016.

As a reward for the fantastic efforts she put in over the years, Frida received a statue in her honor. Needless to say she became a worldwide internet sensation in 2017, after her heroic efforts.

Back then, Frida was called the perfect example of unity and tireless efforts and she’ll always be the Mexican symbol of unity and “above all, hope.” And her courage kept the headlines not only in the American continent, but all over the world. Now, she received a well deserved retirement!

Thank you Frida, for all what you’ve done in all those serving years!

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