Man sets up hidden camera to record lovely encounter between his dog and garbage man

It didn’t take long for Shelby to fit into the family, just as Byrne, his owner had expected. Before long, the dog had become the sunshine in all of their worlds. “She has been such a blessing in our lives since we got her,” Byrne confessed.

So, in many ways, Byrne’s life with Shelby was fairly plain sailing. However, in one day, the dog’s owner noticed something unusual about his pet’s interactions with their garbage man. As a result, he set up a hidden camera to film the pair of them. The device captured footage of the garbage man pulling up to Byrne’s home in his truck. The man got out of the vehicle and walked towards the lawn. Nothing unusual so far. But then, something incredibly sweet just happened.

Just as soon as she saw the garbage man arrived, Shelby dashed towards him. As she did so, the man leant down towards her to give her a treat. Then, once the dog got close enough, he grabbed her with both his hands and started stroking her enthusiastically.

It’s fair to say that Shelby enjoys all the attention as she wagged her furry tail. However, a few moments later, the dog decides it’s enough. Showing where her loyalty truly laid, she then returned to the side of her onlooking owner. However, she didn’t stay there for long.

While Byrne and the man started to talk, the dog returned to her admirer with a bone in her mouth. She then circled around his legs trying to get his attention once more. But unsuccessfully this time.

However, luckily for Shelby, the adorable encounter was unlikely to have been the last she had with the garbage man. According to her owner, she absolutely adores him, and the feeling is mutual. And, to Byrne, their friendship is absolutely heartwarming.

In fact, he loved their encounters so much that he decided to share the footage he’d captured on YouTube. In the caption, he claimed the way the guy behaved towards his dog had restored his faith in humanity. “Every week the garbage man takes time (two quality minutes) to see my pup and say hi,” he wrote. “Who said that nice people are hard to find?”

Sometimes a small gesture could mean a lot!

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