Garish Canadian replica of Versailles listed at just shy of $18M

Situated on the outskirts of Kleinburg, Vaughan, Ontario, this extravagant miniature replica of Château de Versailles in Paris has been the dream house of a Canadian couple, GTA entrepreneurs, until recently. It was built after they fell in love with the real thing so wanted to share a kiss on their 18th century-themed wedding on the balcony of their own Versailles in the presence of 100 people.

Canadian replica of Versailles (1)

The 24,000 square foot luxury palatial mansion took 5 years to build and was recently completed. However, it was put up for sale three months after the wedding pictures were taken, which means the couple never actually planned to live in it. The 6-bedroom, 12-bathroom mansion comes complete with elaborately adorned front gates, an extensive drive for 30 cars tops, sumptuous 18th century replica statues and a sprawling piazza with a replica of the Versailles fountain, 24 gold-plated chandeliers, hand-painted ceilings Versailles-style, a marble-floored heated garage and, most amazingly, a Ferrari room – “the ultimate man cave.”

The bedroom boasts a 4-poster bed, chandelier, heavy curtains and Venetian costumes, reportedly the couple’s wedding outfits, the grand entry hall so extended it could house a shopping mall features a grand staircase and carpeting both with crisscross patterns, the three kitchens and the indoor pool are fit for a king whereas the living room with fireplace flanked by dark wood bookcases is appointed with a zebra skin in front of the hearth. Such extravagance!

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