Caring dog brings his bed to his sick brother to make him feel comfy

When comes to caring for those in need, nothing compares with a dog’s gentle soul, and this heart-warming footage is deeply showing it. The now viral footage, shows an overprotective dog dragging over his own bed to his sick brother, to make him feel comfortable.

Roman and Spanky have always shared a special bond. The two are inseparable, no matter what. They play together and take care of each other, just like brothers do. However, Spanky’s recent gesture left the whole family open-mouthed. And the touching scene was caught on camera.

“From the day we brought Spanky home he was infatuated with Roman, ” the dogs mom, Jill Rogers from Hopatcong, North Jersey told UNILAD. “He bonded with him so tightly and does not like to be far from him.”

But Jill really understood how special the bond her puppies share, only a couple of weeks ago, after Roman got sick. The eight-year-old dog’s ear infected, so Jill took him to the vet for investigations. There, they found out it’s a hematoma and Roman got scheduled for surgery. But until that date, a long period of painful and very uncomfortable days have fallowed for the poor dog. But he was not alone as his brother was always there to comfort him.


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“Spanky is not normally gentle,” Jill said. “He is like a big moose but when Roman wasn’t feeling good, he was so gentle with him. He didn’t try to rough house or play with him like normal.”

To keep an eye on Roman while at work, Jill decided to set up a camera in the house. But little did she knew she would witness such a touching scene. The camera caught the moment Spanky brought his bed to his sick brother. An emotional moment that brought Jill into tears.

“I see Spanky pacing for a minute while looking at Roman and then the bed and then I see him dragging the bed to Roman and as he’s dragging it he’s looking at Roman almost to say, ‘This is for you,’ and then the next clip is them snuggling,” the woman told The Dodo. “I watched it a million times! It was just so wholesome and melted my heart.”

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