Gentle dog loves to play hide-and-seek with his wild raccoon friends

To be friendly and kind with everyone is in a dog’s nature. Yet, not every dog feels comfortable around wild animals, especially around some tiny mischievous raccoons. Unexpectedly, this tiny corgi mix befriended a family of raccoons and now he can’t wait for them to pay him visits.


Cheryl Stephen has always had a great fond of animals. She not only shares her life with a furry companion, but she also used to foster rescued wild animals over the years. Last time, she took care of three orphaned raccoons by feeding them and raising them until they got strong enough to get back in the wild. But even though, they have released back in the wood, the raccoons didn’t forget the woman that helped them and they kept visiting Cheryl.


Meantime, her family got bigger after she adopted Chief – a very friendly pup. Although the corgi mix is extremely jovial and gentle with everyone, Cheryl wasn’t sure how he will get along with her tiny wild visitors. Especially with Magnolia – one of the three rescued raccoons – and her four babies. Needless to say it was love at first sight between the friendly pup and the baby raccoons!

“Magnolia lives wild now, but sometimes brings her little ones home for meals and apparently to play with Chief,” the woman shared with THE DODO. “I’ve never seen Chief bite or hurt the raccoons even though he’s bigger, so he has Sarge’s kind spirit.”


Now, Chief just can’t wait for his friends to come by and play together. One of their favorite activities is hide-and-seek in the backyard. Both the puppy and the raccoons love to play and chase each other through the tall grass. “They roll and hop and wrestle — it’s adorable,” Cheryl said. “Sometimes, the little ones tug on Chief’s tail or jump onto his back. They even eat together…maybe Chief thinks he’s a raccoon.”

Watch these unlikely friends having fun, in the video bellow:

h.t: thedodo

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