Gentle dog patiently waits at bus station for his human sister to get onto the school bus safely

There has to be a very special connection between dogs and little kids, since it’s very hard to find something more heart-warming than a kid hanging with his furry friend. I am not sure if it’s because of the dog’s overprotective instincts when it comes to little ones, or because the kids allow them to do whatever they want. Anyway way, one thing it’s sure – all those lovely connections are nothing but heart-melting. And this footage is no less.

Over the time, dogs have always had an important role in humans lives. And it wasn’t only to bright up our day, but to offer protection as well. Speaking of it, the way this English Mastiff takes care of his human sibling is so adorable. Known for their extreme loyal side, these gentle giants are the purfect companion when you’re just a little girls.

Gordon knows the outside world is a dangerous place, so every morning, he escorts his little sister to the bus station. But that’s not all; the kind dog waits until the bus comes to make sure his little fella is getting onto it safely. Because, that’s what elder brothers do, right? With such a protective furry brother, all we can say is this little one is such a lucky girl.  Thankfully, the lovely scenes were caught on camera by the duo’s father, and the footage immediately went viral, winning heart all over the internet. Take a look:

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