Georgia woman wakes up to find a wild serval cat on her bed

An Atlanta woman had a terrifying experience, after she woke next to a big wild African cat. The poor woman wasn’t on a safari trip or in the African savanna, but in her very bedroom, when all of a sudden she spotted a serval casually laying on her bed.

Apparently, the unusual visitor found its way to Kristine Frank’s bedroom, after her husband woke up earlier that morning to take the family’s dog out for a walk, and forget the front door open. Kristine, who remained in bed felt some movement next to her and she had no idea what could be since the dog is not allowed in the bedroom and she would have heard her husband.

Kristine Frank

When she turned around, the sight left her completely petrified. A massive 2 feet long creature with a pair of pointy ears was starring at her. “I look at the cat and I know immediately that is not a normal house cat. It did not look like a pet. It looked like a wild animal,” the woman explained.

Extremely scared, Kristine started to yell and moments after, the serval jumped out of the bed and run in a corner of the room. Thankfully, Kristine’s husband got home by the time of the scene, without the dog yet, who remained in the backyard.

“I yell for my husband and yell. ‘Dave, that is not a cat!'” the woman explained for WXIA. “He comes in the room, and I’m just in bed freaking out. He locked eyes with the cat, and the cat was kind of cornered. So, I slowly got out of the bed and tippy-toed out, and my husband was able to get the cat out of the house.”

Soon as the unwanted guest left their house, the couple called the Georgia Department of Natural Resources which located the animal shortly after. However, they weren’t able to determine how it ended up there. Most likely, the serval was illegally kept by someone.

On the other hand, the Franks are happy that no one was harmed. “I just think if my dog would have been in the house, what would have happened to my dog?” Kristine said. “If I had small children, what would have happened to them?”

h.t: nbcnews

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