Giant sea turtle was stuck between rocks for hours, until this couple rescues her

While enjoying their holiday on a beach in Oman, a British couple came across a green sea turtle trapped between some rocks. It is unknown for how long the giant creature had been stuck in there, but thanks to this couple’s kindest she has been released back in the ocean.

Charlotte Young from Bristol, United Kingdom, was enjoying the sunset on a beach in Oman, with his boyfriend George Chislett when they spotted the poor creature desperately crying for help. The 27-year-old woman who works as a marine biologist, quickly realized the turtle was in a desperate need of help, so she hurried up to help it.

The two soon realized it wouldn’t be an easy rescue. The green sea turtle could reach up to 350 pounds, so releasing it would required a lot of effort. And after they hardly, yet unsuccessfully tried to set the poor creature free, Charlotte and George realized they won’t succeed with their own hands.

They knew they would need some leverage in order to release the turtle. And fortunately it came, thanks to the quick-thinking girl who found a piece of wood. “What do you think?” Charlotte can be heard. “Maybe we can get something under it? I think it needs to go up.”

Then, the woman put that piece of wood between the turtle and the rock and helped by George, who lifted it from behind, their effort finally paid off. After almost an hour, the marine creature was finally freed and it hurried back into the ocean, under the eyes of its rescuers, who were proudly watching it.

“Never have I ever felt such a sense of sheer joy and overwhelming urge to cry in a moment,” Charlotte proudly said in an Instagram post. “We watched her disappear back into the sea and watched the sunrise whilst we caught out breath and digested what we had just achieved.”

h/t: MailOnline

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