Girl does not realize she’s sitting next to the guy whose music she’s listening to, and it escalates hilariously


I’m pretty sure that all of us have daydreamed of meeting our favorite artist in some public place, whether he’s an actor, a musician or a football player. Well, this girl, named Alicia was so lucky to sit next to her favorite musician during a flight, but unfortunately for her, she was able to recognize him. Dotan, the singer we’re talking about shared the story on Twitter.

While he was on a plane, Dotan, a 31-year-old Dutch musician and songwriter noticed that the young lady sitting next to him is listening to his music. They even started to chat and surprisingly not even after Dotan gave her some hints, saying he’s a musician, the girl did not recognize him. So, the singer decided live-tweeting the experience with his  followers. In the end he leave her a note as one of his followers suggested. Read down to see how the story unfolded and Alicia’s reaction in the end.

And when she finally read the note, Alicia realized her unbelievable mistake. So she decided to write an email and send it to her plane neighbor:

“Dear Dotan,

I really don’t know where to start. First of all: I can’t believe how stupid I am for not recognizing you and ignoring all the subtle hints you were giving to me during the flight. For some reason I just never looked you up before, but I did buy your album after hearing it on an episode of The Originals. Since then it’s been on repeat non-stop. I wanted to stress out that it’s nothing personal but I would have loved to tell you in person how grateful I am for your music. I wouldn’t recognize most of my favorite artists as I’m mostly just interested in the music. I even thought you were a band(shame on me). The fact that you didn’t mention it yourself is very humble, but I wish you would have told me! When I read your I grabbed my mom and we couldn’t believe it. We’ve been through a rough patch and your music has helped us get through it. More than you can imagine. My mom and I would absolutely love to come see your show during the fall. I can’t believe you were so generous to offer us tickets after my epic fail. Please keep making your beautiful music and try to stay as humble as you are. I promise you this won’t happen again. Ever.

Lots of love, Alicia”

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