Golden Retriever has the sweetest reaction when meeting new puppy sister

When siblings meet for the very first time, it’s always heart-melting. And it doesn’t bear only on humans, but on animals as well. So, when this family decides to introduce to their beloved Golden Retriever, his biological puppy sister, the result is nothing but heartwarming

Boomer – a 1.5-year-old Golden Retriever has been adopted when he was very young. But now, his lovely human parents decided it would nice to bring another puppy, so Boomer to have a companion to play and spend time with. And what a better option, if not Boomer’s biological puppy sister – the 8-week-old Bella.

Their human parents thought the Boomer’s reaction would quite exciting, so they captured the entire moment on the camera. While the Golden Retriever anxiously waits in front of the door, his humans are in the garage preparing a lovely present for him. As soon as his human mom steps inside home with a big paper bag in her hand, Boomer can’t hide his enthusiasm any longer.

The moment Bella steps on the floor, Boomer has the cutest reaction. He started to smell her and kiss her, just as he knows she’s his little sister. Even Bella appears to be a little bit overwhelmed by the welcome she gets, the two pups make an instant bond. And all caught in a lovely footage. After all there’s no wonder over 12 million people have watched the video. Have a look, you’ll instantly fall in love!

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