Grads are confused seeing classmate cry during pledge until she bolts for the stage

High school graduation is a very important event for both the graduates and their families. Usually the parents are really excited during the ceremony. And there’s often tears in their eyes. On the other hand, the teen are full of confidence, with smiles on their faces. After all, they have the whole future in front of them and it’s a celebration day.

Still, the things look a little bit different in this case. Miranda, a fresh graduated student was sitting in her chair alongside the other students. When she walked into the auditorium she’d never thought she’ll cry in front of her classmates.

As the ceremony begins, the students are listening all dressed in their crisp gowns and mortarboard caps. Suddenly a guest speaker walks on to the stage. And as he stands in front of the teachers and students, he says: “Good evening everybody. Would you please join me in The Pledge of Allegiance?”

And that was the moment when Miranda wasn’t able to control her emotions anymore and tears have started to flow from her eyes. No one knew who the guest was, but Miranda definitely did.

After that, all the students took their sits. But Miranda couldn’t take her eyes from the man dressed in uniform. He was her brother, Derek. Being an Airman deployed overseas, Derek decided to surprise his sister in an adorable way. And surely she’ll never forget her graduation day.

Watch the video bellow to see the emotional scene!




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