Grandpa lines up with 2 little girls, their unique dance is lighting up the internet

There’s always a unique connection and a special friendship between grandparents and their grandchildren and maybe that’s because the grandparents seems to be much more permissive with their grandkids and sometimes they do crazy stuffs together.

It’s the case of this grandpa who’s executing some dancing moves on the street accompanied by two little girls, in a synchrone dance that would make anyone proud.

And, thankfully someone had the inspiration to capture this incredible moment on the camera and share it on social media, as the whole world could see it. This is another proof that the age is just a number and, no matter how old you are you should keep yourself moving.

Is well know that dancing has a lot of benefits, especially for those who are aging. Dancing keeps your heart healthy, your body in a very good shape and your mind clear.

So, if you’re felling the effects of aging, than you should definitely join some dance class and besides the great benefits of moving you  you can make friends, giggle and boogie along with other people who want to stay active later in life.

In the video bellow you can see this awesome grandpa who stunned the whole world with his moves and his great shape!





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