Grizzly bear belly flops right into pool then turns around and gives camera a huge smile


During the hot summer days, there is nothing more refreshing than some pool time. And here’s one guy who is clearly very excited about summer and pool time. This grizzly bear named Bruiser lives in Single Vision, a nature conservation center in Florida, USA, which cares and preserves endangered species.

While the video is a little bit oldie,  it never fails to make me smile. It was a hot summer day when Bruiser decided, well…to go for a swim. Or to be more specifically — a belly flop! But, thankfully for us, an animal welfare worker decided to grab a camera and film the whole scene — including the bear’s epic smile at the end.  The video was eventually uploaded to the internet and of course, didn’t take too long to go viral. Anyway, we think words aren’t enough to explain just how charming this bear can be.

This video has been seen by millions — and understandably so. What better inspiration than Bruiser to remind us to make the most out of our summer?

(h/t: newsner)