Groomer gives shelter dogs free haircuts to make sure they find permanent homes

It says that a good haircut makes you feel like a brand new person. Well, this applies on dogs, too. And for shelter dogs, it can make all the difference in the world. A good haircut can not only improve their mood and their health, it can increase their chances of being adopted.

Enter Mark Imhof is a volunteer groomer for Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). Mark is an NYU MBA former businessman turned dog groomer. A few years ago, he wanted a career shift and to work with animals. After getting his grooming training and certification, he decided to use his skills to help transform shelter animals and make them become more adoptable.

“Imagine tying all your hair in knots as tight to your scalp as possible so no comb could be pulled through the hair without ripping hair out. THAT is matted fur,” Mark says on his Facebook page. “It is very painful for a dog and quite difficult for a groomer to work through, but that is the groomer’s job to help the dog.”


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“A dog’s personality and demeanor can change after a grooming,” says Mark. “A badly matted dog may be cranky, may bite a lot, and often is considered unsocial.”

“Now, please put yourself in the position of the dog with matted hair and imagine yourself in pain every time you move. Would you be a pleasant person to speak with? I don’t think I would,” Mark said.

“Cleaning and grooming such a dog can increase adoptability as well as improve a dog you own to be more sociable,” Mark says. More than that, in addition to grooming, Mark also bathes them. Well done Mark, well done!
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