Groomer recreates nativity scene with adorable dogs – and a puppy in a manger

The Christmas is just around the corner, but its spirit is already here for weeks. Mulled wine and gingerbread flavors, Christmas trees and decorations all over the streets are already make everyone think of holiday. But the most meaningful part of this time is the Christmas nativity scene.

Wags To Riches Pet Services

While there is a large approach on the nativity scene, this guy in the Uk came out with the sweetest version so far. The man, who works as a groomer for the Wags to Riches Pet Services thought it would be so nice to recreate the nativity scene with dogs. And guess what?! He did it and the Internet absolutely adores it.

“I decided to stage the photo just for a bit of fun to bring Christmas cheer,” the groomer Jo Kingston and also the owner of the facility said. She admits that she had to move pretty fast, though. “I [had] to take the picture quickly,” she added.

Wags To Riches Pet Services

Jo replaced the traditional “robes” with some towels, which the adorable dogs have gladly wear it. While six dogs are standing around the manger, inside it, the creative groomer put an adorable puppy. The woman said she used a few treats in order to keep Bella, Daisy, Raffi, Barney, Buddy and Frankie (from left to right) to sit still!

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