Group of beachgoers come together to rescue dozens of whales that washed ashore

When people went on this beach of St Simons Island’s East Beach in Georgia, every one of them thought it would be a chilling sunny day. But little did they know they would all be hailed as heroes at the end of the day. The beachgoers could not believe their eyes when spotted dozens of whales in desperate need of help as they washed ashore.

Around 40-50 huge mammals were struggling to get back into the deep waters. It’s when people on the beach and lifeguards decided to unite their forces to help the poor animals. So dozens of people went into the ocean and started to shovel water onto the pilot whales.

“They’re going to die if they don’t get help,” said Dixie McCoy, one of the beachgoers. The woman was holding her 2-year-old grandson in one hand and with the other hand she recorded the dramatic rescue.

Meantime The Georgia Department of Natural Resources arrived at the scene. And the rescuers were surprised to see that a large amount of the washed whales have been already pushed by the volunteers to a safe distance from shore. Ironically, the marine mammals came so close to shore due to their social connections. If one of them gets injured, the rest of the group fallow it to shore.

“While stranding is a known natural occurrence, the only thing we can do is to continue pushing them out to sea,” said Clay George, a biologist for the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division. “We’re cautiously optimistic that the group dodged a bullet, and that they’re now on their way to deeper water.”

Even three whales didn’t make it, the rest of the group is now safe and back onto deep waters, thanks to the efforts of beachgoers.

h/t: The Independent

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