New Jersey family stunned to see group of bears throwing a pool party in their backyard

With the summer approaching, everyone’s thinking how to deal with the hot sunny days. And there is no better way to beat the heat than cooling in a pool. But apparently, when it comes to pool parties not only humans seem to be extremely interested, but animals as well. It this particularly case it is a bear family who’s overly enjoying it

It was a quiet sunny day for this family in Rockaway, New Jersey, when some loud noises started to come from their backyard. When looking trough the windows, the whole family was stunned to see a bunch of black bears decided to cool off in their inflatable pool.

The entire scene have been caught on camera and the result is nothing short of hilarious. A mama bear and her five babies appear to have the time of their life while messing around this poor family’s backyard. As just chilling in the pool wasn’t already enough, the bustling bears curiosity became irrepressible.

They suddenly start to explore every corner of the yard. They play on the slide, chew up the floats and the balls. And absolutely chaos is unfolding in front of the family who’s helplessly watching through the windows. And all they can do is to shout at them (like any of the bears is actually listening). “They took my floaty,” a young girl can be heard almost crying. While her mom says “Hey, Mrs. Bear! That was expensive.”

Even the kids’ enthusiasm disappears when they realize the unwanted visitors are about to turn their playground into pieces. Watch the hilarious scenes bellow:

h/t: mailonline

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