Grumpy Great Dane throws temper tantrum when his dad tries to sleep in his bed

Dogs are truly a blessing for many of us. Undoubtably, there’s an utter joy to spend time with these lovely creatures. Playing around and hanging with their humans is in fact part of their daily routine. But that’ not the only thing our furry companions love to do. They just adore taking naps, all day long, too!

And when it comes to a dog’s favorite napping spot, this is pretty much everywhere in the house. I mean, I pretty much sure all of us dog lovers have experienced at some point how it feels like to share our soft, incredibly comfortable beds with our four-legged companions. Sharing it with my 10 pounds Neto it’s such a big deal after all, but what about those unlucky of us who have to pass it through with an over 100 pounds Great Dane? Well I just can’t even imagine it!

Even so, in the end it is our beloved doggies we’re talking about, so all their naughty actions would eventually be put behind. But what if we’ve reverse the roles? Well this owner wanted to find out how his lovely Henry – a Great Dane, would react if he’d try to steal his comfortable nest. But the result was none we would ever expected about.

Henry is clearly unhappy when he sees his owner had occupied his bed, so he’s definitely decided to fix the things up. Only his form of protest is nothing but hilarious. The dog throws a temper tantrum in his attempts to get his owner out of his bed. At some point the owner even tries to level things up, but Henry is not too excited about the idea of sharing his bed, so someone has to give up! Have a look:

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