Guy comes home, gets welcomed by cat that his dog invited in and begged to keep

Just like any other doggy, Crosby is a kind-hearted creature who adores to spend time with other canine companions and kittens as well. Therefore he used to enjoy his time playing with a lovely cat and another dog. Unfortunately, not far ago, he had to say goodbye to his best friends.

“About six months ago, he lost his kitty friend, and just over a month ago he lost his best doggo friend that he’s had as a companion since he was eight weeks old,” his owner, said. “Crosby has been pretty okay about being an only doggo, or so I thought.”

But one day, when Crosby’s owner came back from work, instead of being greeted by his beloved pup, as usual, an unfamiliar kitten was there, waiting for him. And guess what, the little fluffy ball was inside his bath tub.

“I’ve never seen this kitten before, and although I do have a doggy door, it’s way too high off the ground for this little baby to have snuck in. It seems to me that Crosby must have brought her inside.”

However, despite of being very surprised, Crosby’s dad did noticed something familiar. This kitten looked exactly like his dog’s late best friend.”She has an uncanny resemblance to the kitty friend he lost 6 months ago.”

So, after the introductions were made, the guy went through the neighborhood to find out whose cat is that. But even if some of his neighbors pretended they’ve seen her before, no one knew who she belonged to. So he went to the closest vet.

“I took the kitty to the vet to see if she was microchipped, and she isn’t. She was however spayed just a few days ago, and is thought to be about four months old,” he said.

There was only one option left, to take her to the local shelter, but that was actually out of question since the place was already over capacity. Therefore, our guy knew what he had to do, to Crosby joy, after all. So he took the little cat back to his home and made her part of their family. I can tell you that Crosby has never been more delighted. And the photos bellow reveal nothing less!

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