Guy wakes up in the middle of the night to find a random puppy in his living room

When Jack Jokinen got woke up by his wife in the middle of the night, he went from dead asleep to panicking about an intruder. Father of a couple-month-old baby, Jack is used to wake up early. However, when his wife told him there’s a dog in the living room, Jack became very confused


“I was sleeping and my wife all the sudden woke me up, and she said, ‘The baby’s OK … but there’s a puppy in our house,’” Jack told The Dodo. “Obviously, I was very confused.” So he went downstairs to check out and surprisingly a Lab mix puppy was lying on the floor. Even so, Jack could not explain to himself how the tiny pup got there in the first place. All the windows and the front door was locked against the storm that began earlier that night.

“‘There has to be someone in our house,’” the man asked himself. “I do a security sweep, making sure there’s no one hiding in closets or anything like that. And when I finish, I think, ‘How did this happen? A magical puppy?” After he checked the footage from the security cameras, Jack realized he just forget to lock the door after he went to a walk with his own pup, George. After a few hours, a dog desperately seeking for shelter can be spotted on cameras.

“Then at 3:16, on the camera, we can see the dog, we’ve named her Suzy, coming down the street and she stops outside our house,” he said. “She was out in the rain and cold, and she kind of hesitated and then went into the house.”

But here comes the interesting part. A few moments later, a stranger was passing by and when he saw the door open he wanted to make sure everything is all right. As everything seemed OK, the passerby just closed the door.


Even so, Jack and his wife took care of the scared puppy. They have her some food and a blanket to keep her warm. Next morning they took the doggie to a vet. It is when they found out the dog that entered inside their house is not actually a puppy, but a 9 years stray dog. Learning that, the Jokinen husbands decided to help her!


“We decided that of all the bad things that could happen by leaving your door open in the middle of winter in a major city, to end up with a sweet dog, who has come off the street … We have to at least give this a try,” Jack said. So they adopted Suzy and offered her a warm shelter and a home as she deserves! Find out more about this heartwarming story here:

h/t: thedodo

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