Herd of horses adopt a lost penguin into their group

Nature never cease to amaze me when it comes to unlikely friendships among different animal species. This time a herd of horses seem to share some affectionate moments with a lost penguin.

The penguin got separated from its group and found itself alone on the frosty ground in the Falklands islands. Only these horses decided to step in and help the disorientated bird in a heart-warming scene of it might be the most unlike of friendships, the Daily Mail reported.

The moments were captured by the wildlife photographer Sarah Crofts who’s also a member of the Falklands Conservation group. The adorable snaps were taken at the Cape Pembrokeshire Nature Reserve. And I just can’t imagine something more touching than the moment when the horses are touching their noses with the bird’s beak.

“At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I think the horses were as shocked as I was. I didn’t think the horses would take much notice of the penguin but I couldn’t believe how fascinated they were with it. I’m really enthusiastic about horses and penguins so it was an incredible moment to witness,” Sarah Crofts said.

“At first the herd approached the penguin slowly and with their heads low so they could check him out at eye level.But it didn’t take long for the horses to become braver and soon they were nose to beak, it was such a lovely moment,” she added.

Somehow, the horses felt the penguin was all alone and scared.Therefore they’ve tried to do anything to protect him and to make sure he feels comfortable. Even if at the beginning it looked more like a game, after a while the horses keep their eyes on the bird, just as the parents do with their little ones.

“The horses were genuinely curious about the penguin and it seemed to turn into a game for them where they’d check him out one by one and then run off. After a while it was as if the horses didn’t want to let the penguins out of their sights,” Sarah said.

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