Heartless locals ride endangered turtle as she tries to lay eggs on beach


A disturbing footage showing a group of men mounting the endangered Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) as she laid her eggs on an Indonesian beach, caused a totally backlash on social media, recently.

Laying eggs are hard enough, but having fully grown men sit on one’s back while doing it would have seriously injured the mother, the eggs, or even worse, killed both mother and children. An incident that would have been fully avoidable has sparked much noise on the internet. It was very barbaric and very saddening. The man behind the camera even encouraged the group to carry on with what they were doing; all of which were very self centered and destructive.

Many netizens have raised questions like, “Why have the authorities not done anything to avoid this incident at first?”, or “Why has this action been tolerated to happen for their sick amusement?”, and even raised the notion that the group lacked education about the species’ endangerment.

According to the World Wildlife Foundation, Leatherbacks are now at an approximate population low of 20,000 to 30,000 nesting females. Female leatherbacks may lay 4 to 5 times per season, each time depositing 60 to 120 eggs. Leatherbacks appear to nest once every two or three years with an incubation period of approximately 60 days (WWF). Hopefully, this incident sets an example for many about the destructive practices being done (like using straws and throwing trash into the sea), and help everyone make better choices.